Buggin Media’s experience, techniques, facilities and equipment are available for the numerous types of video content your company may need: advertisement, storytelling, film making, social media, corporate or institutional pieces.Combine video production with audio expertise and animation creativity together with multiple translated languages for a premium global content.All audio-visual solutions are available at Buggin Media.


  • 4k Video Recording
  • 360º and VR
  • Chroma Key Studio

How do we produce video content?

  • The video bugs are used to putting their hands to work once creativity and logistics have given green light.Meaning Buggin Media clients have been previously satisfied with pre-production concepts, drafts and production timeline.The Cut Mantis then crafts your content according to brief using our set of 4K cameras, various 360 rigs, 4K drones, in-house green chroma key studios and video post-production suites!

Creative work

ERRO CRASSO – Diogo Piçarra

Here’s a viral content example that we’re very proud to have produced for the local star comedians Luís Franco Bastos & Pedro Teixeira da Mota. Six seasons were made at our premises making use of our Chroma Key studios, 4K production equipment and 2D animation!


Online talk show hosted by popular local talent NUNO PARDAL, along with is star guests for a roast kind of interview. Shot live on tape at our Chroma Key Studios, with our 4K production equipment, and animated visual art interstitials.