Different clients mean different output parameters but when it comes to translation, we all share a common ground: high quality standards.These multi-tasked fleas alternate from subtitling tasks, dubbing scripts, technical, documents, websites translations and accessibility projects: audio description or close captions (for the hearing unpaired).Buggin Media’s in-house and external teams cover various idioms with ultra-speed effectiveness.



  • Various languages
  • Subtitling
  • Audio Description

Is this department truly fundamental for a production house such as Buggin Media?

  • It’s not really a secret: any localization project needs a script in the targeted language. Otherwise, there is no Localization to a certain territory… So yes, way too important at Buggin Media!Now imagine, reaching out to have us produce your social media video for a multi-national campaign. We’d create your whole creative concept, video content, audio post-production and finally, we’d make many versions of it in different languages

Creative work


A quick subtitled video reel combining some of the languages our team of translators can offer: PT, PT_BR, EN, SE, DE or GR to name a few.