Academic World vs The Market

April 29, 2021 5:40 pm

| How is it to work in this market?

An audiovisual translator translates a bit of everything. The audiovisual market has a variety of several work areas and its translators, though not in need of knowing them all, end up having a broad knowledge of much of them.

In a day, you may be working in a documentary with a historical incidence, the next you may do a dubbing translation destined for the kids and an audio description project of a talk show. This multidisciplinarity of the audiovisual market is, for many of us, what makes it captivating, but it is also its biggest challenge.


| The academic courses are not enough.

Unfortunately, the academic world, the audiovisual translation is still falling short of what the market requires of each professional.

It is very common, in Portugal, the academic courses to explore very little of this area, with just one subject dedicated to subtitling in which the students, thanks to the amount of them, have minimal contact with the programs they will once use when they start working, that they definitely need once they star looking for their first job. The other areas of the audiovisual translation end up being only mentioned throughout the course and become an idea, only, not something specific enough.

This takes most of the university graduates to have to take workshops and masterclasses to know more about translating the other areas of the audiovisual translation, such as dubbing or audio description, for example, and many of them end up doing them in the companies that give them their first chance after graduating. Some of us have some access to the areas outside subtitling when we do our internships, and some find an opportunity when are still finishing school and get an idea of what we will need in the future. But there are others that not even that, because the market gives less good opportunities for those who want to work in a company, so this is an area that is more and more used as a way of earning some extra money instead of the full-time working profession that is in fact.

| Let’s make this market a better one

It is a responsibility that falls on both companies and translators. Companies need to look for and respect good, specialized translators, and each professional needs to be more proactive in looking for new methods and procedures.

By Bárbara Silveira – Head of the Department of Linguistics and Translation at Buggin Media