What’s Gotten Into You?

July 14, 2021 4:15 pm

| Choosing Your Element

Deciding which career to choose, is one of the most difficult and challenging things in life. Most people are not happy with what they choose to do with their work lives. They embraced a job, a career, a profession, but they are not entirely happy with it. They might even be happy because it pays well, because there’s good benefits, the work environment is great, people are nice, etc., and mind you, this is all particularly important, but after some time, you can see that those things start fading away, and do not matter that much anymore. They became secondary, and you start to get the feeling, that something is missing. Most of the times we look the other way and start finding flaws everywhere we look at. The distance from home, the time it takes to commute, the coffee machine, anything that slightly annoys you, it is already a mission. But in the end, we realize that we simply are not enjoying our job. It became work, it became boring and tedious. Why is that then? Because you are not in your element! The bug has not gotten into you!

Wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, sleep, rinse, repeat.

| So, how exactly do we know what our element is?

Have you ever done something where you completely lost track of time? Something that took minutes, hours, but if seemed like seconds to you? I am sure you have. That moment where you are living in the present, where you are focused, and your mind is thinking solely about what you are doing at that given moment. Some call it being in the “zone”, but I like to call it, the element.

Most people spend their life chasing this feeling. Trying to find their element, trying to find that peace and harmony that makes work, pleasure, not just work.

| And how can one find this element?

Well, it sure is not something easy, since we all spend most of our lives trying to find it right? To find your element, you must be exposed to as many things in life as possible, and preferably since a young age. You need to experiment with a lot of things, to be able to find out what you really like to do. That is why it is important for parents to let their children try and do as many activities as they want, from an early age. Sure, it is stressful to one day go to swimming classes, the next day to football practice, the next to acting school, to STEM workshops, attending cooking masterclasses, kart racing, Lego building, you name it. If you do not try, you will not know what your element is! And education starts at home, and we need to be aware of those sparkles that happen in the little ones, those aha moments.

We all have in our minds that school will show us that at some point. That is what they keep telling you. Well, it should. But schools most of the times kill that curiosity in you. They kill your creativity. They tend to steer you towards one common goal. To pass on exams, get good grades, and if you do that, then you are ready to choose. I know this is wrong. It did not work with me, and it does not work for many others either. Education is still one size fits all, and no person is like one other! It is better if you study hard something you really like, than 5 other subjects, just because you need the grade. So, go out there and try! The more things you try, more chances you will have, to find your element, who you really are, what you are good at, and ultimately, what you want to do.

| What has gotten into you?

We at Buggin Media believe that education is a fundamental stone in the development of the individual, but it needs to be focused, not so broadly and be so overwhelming, so we host workshops and masterclasses within our areas of expertise. It is a time and a place where you can come and try on a professional environment, with the same tools we use every day, to come up with our own creations, and work for our clients, and see if any of the things we do, catches your interest, if the bug bites you! After all, we are all about bugs!

Remember, if you try something and you do not like it, if you started a course and halfway through you realize that that is not it, that you do not have any interest on carrying on doing it, do not think it was a waste of time. It is the actual opposite! Now you know that you do not want to be doing that, you know if you keep doing it, you will not feel pleasure, you will not engage with it, so it was a way to save you from spending unnecessary time on it in the future. Keep going, be curious, ask, do it!

Buggin Media wants to play an important role in the audiovisual industry, we want to nurture talent, so if you think we do something you would like to get into. Just book a visit. We will love to show you around.

By Pedro Pereira – Buggin Media – Marketing & Education