Every video frame needs sound, that is why it is called audiovisual.
That’s the logic behind the word, audio-visual.Our experienced team of engineers along with our in-house recording studios offer numerous solutions for sound design, voice acting, dubbing, foley, ADR, music composition, M&E creating, QC, ambisonics, stereo and 5.1 mixing.



Some habilities

  • Studio & Field Recording
  • TV Sound Design
  • 5.1 Mixing

How great are Buggin Media audio solutions?

  • As great as they can get around this country.
  • Buggin Media is the first NP3 (Netflix certified) studio in Portugal for dubbing.
  • It also was the first production house to combine internal 360 video and audio (ambisonics) departments.
  • Our voice talent data bases are one of the biggest and most complete amongst our competitors: from child talent up to senior talent.

Creative work

Legendagem Reel

Pump up the volume a bit and let yourself dive into our audio world of dubbing, ADR, foley, music production and ambisonics! All of these are a produce of our inhouse studios and equipment.

Teaser da Gaiola do Pardal

Here’s a very functional example of our sound design skills for this trailer – wait till the end for pure fun sound designing.