Ranging from traditional 2D animation to 3D animation, this highly creative team is always keen to have your business animated video, music clip or series opening properly animated.


Bring your storyboards for these bugs to animate or ask the creativity heads to develop your storytelling script and visual art.


But wait… Here is the cherry on top: combine their animation work with our audio department for amazing sound design and perfect end results!! Audio-visual production from top to bottom under the same roof.


  • 2D Motion
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion

How important is animation as an audio-visual asset?

  • How could it not be? There is not a single piece of cinema, social media video, news or entertainment show without animation. It could just be a simple 2D lettering motion on an opening, a subtle curtain, an interstitial, the usual news’ oracles, the fashionable infographic video or a complicated hyper realistic 3D animation – this department is now fundamental for most of Buggin Media’s clients.

Creative work


An example of a more institutional purposed animation exhibited on a corporate event – this 3D model was developed for the national petrol giant GALP back in 2014.

OFFSIDE | Maradona

Our first 100% Buggin Media’s original animation series launched in 2015. Licensed in the Portuguese territory both online & broadcast for the biggest national communication agency: Cofina. Football related satire supported by funny character animation and digital cut sets with big viral potential.