Localization & Audiovisual Creativity

Our experienced team and studio facilities combined offer quality services in two main categories:
- Localization [Dubbing, Translation & Subtitling]
- Creativity [Filme Making, 360/VR, Storytelling and 2D/3D Animation]

Go ahead, take a look around.

We also share our technical knowledge through regular WORKSHOPS
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Rua Carlos Mardel 81A
2780-098 Oeiras

Cut Mantis

Mantis' blades are suited for editing, multi camera captioning or color grading for instance. The aggressive little one is known for his martial art speeding video techniques!!!

Some Abilities360º VR
Video Mapping
Multi Camera Recording
Color Grading
Video Editing
Chroma Key

Foley the Cricket

Happy and inventive "Foley" the cricket offers sonic characteristics to every single image you may throw at him: publicity, institutional or animation Music & Effects are common tasks…

Some AbilitiesFoley
Sound Design
Animation Sound Tracks - Music
​Audio Books

Bipolar Ladybugs

Our most creative department ranging from graphic design to stopmotion or traditional animation - all sorts of contents for any media (i.e: broadcast, institutional or web). Once ignited these bipolar ladybugs truly become visionary monsters!

Check out our 2D animated sports parody broadcasting both on TV and Online sports platform http://www.record.xl.pt/multimedia/offside/default.aspx

Some AbilitiesHolograms
2D & 3D motion

Dub Beetle

A yellow Beetle specialized in Voice-Over and Dubbing Live Action, Animation Video  or  Video Games into various languages.

Some AbilitiesDubbing
Voice – Over
Music Adaptation
2.0 Mixing

Subtle Flea

This Flea translates and subtitles with high discretion. Otherwise subtitling mistakes would jump to your face. Trust this subtle flea.

Some AbilitiesTranslation